MCF - Burn

Womens Outdoor Fitness - Burn Fat, Get Fit & Have Fun.

Eastwood Park, Hasland, Chesterfield.


An outdoor group fitness session for women only. A 45 minute full body workout to burn fat, get fit and have fun!!


Please book online and ensure you complete the online Health Questionnaire before your first session.


If you have any questions please get in touch through the contact page or on 07463 593 445.

Class Times

Mondays 6.30pm - BOOK HERE

Please book online and arrive at 6.30pm-6.35pm. I will be on the field just past the workout equipment/ park area. 


Wednesdays 9.50am - BOOK HERE

Please book online and arrive at 9.50-9.55am. I will be over on the field just past the workout equipment/ park area. 


What to expect...


We will do body-weight exercises such as squats, jogging/ marching, lunges, planks. We will perform exercises in small groups and help each other through the workout. We will use obstacles such as agility ladders to add some fun into the workout and work together to complete team relays.


Interval Training:

We will work in intervals which means we will push ourselves for a certain amount of time then have recovery time in between, it's a great way to improve your fitness whilst burning fat and building strength.


You can do it:

If you are a beginner to exercise at the start of your journey or if you workout regularly and want to push yourself further, this workout will be great for you. I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor with experience of working with people of  all levels of fitness, I have options for all moves to get everyone through the workout together. 


Enjoy it:

We will work hard, get our sweat on and feel great at the end of the workout. I can't wait to get started!!

What you need to know...

Wear trainers, comfortable fitness clothing, you may want gloves. Be prepared to get a little bit muddy, we will be outdoors no matter what the weather is like so wear layers as you may be cold to start but will warm up through the class.


Stay hydrated, bring plenty of drinking water and a towel. 


We will meet on the field at 6.30pm, begin the workout at 6.45pm and finish at 7.30pm.


Fuel up before the class with a small healthy meal or snack so you have energy for the workout. Refuel after your workout too with a healthy meal to help your muscles recover.

The Team in Action...