Exercise and the Dreaded Scales - Why you should get rid!

For years it's been drilled into a lot of women that weight-loss is a good goal and that scales are the way to measure your progress when trying to change the way you look, get down a dress size or feel better about yourself.


Whilst training and eating healthily the scales cannot show your progress. 


You will be building lean muscle as well as burning fat but the scales may actually increase slightly or stay the same. This can be disheartening when you are working hard to get fit and healthy.


Even if you have felt the difference in clothes you wear or just feel better in yourself, the scales can ruin that confidence and happiness.


Stick to your workout programme and healthy eating,  feel proud about getting stronger and fitter and the benefits will come along.


Get rid if the scales, go on how you feel, be proud of feeling fitter and enjoy the clothes getting looser.