Homemade Chicken Casserole


2 Chicken Breast (chop into chunks)

1 White Onion (chop into chunks)

2 Sweet Potatoes, med-large, (chop into chunks)

1 Tin Sweet Corn

Tender Stem Broccoli (half a pack)

Stock: 1.5 Chicken Stock Cubes, 600ml Boiling Water, Lemon Juice (few squeezes)

Seasoning: Salt, Pepper, Mixed Herbs, Cinnamon, Cumin



Heat a tbsp of olive oil in a large pan and add the chopped onions

Add a sprinkle of mixed herbs and leave to soften for a few mins

Cut the chicken into chunks, season with salt, pepper, cinnamon and cumin

Add the chicken chunks to the onions, mix occasionally until white all round

Add the stock cubes, lemon juice and boiling water into a jug

Cut the sweet potatoes into chunks

Add the sweet potato, sweetcorn and broccoli into the pan

Add a few more mixed herbs and mix

Add the stock into the pan until all ingredients are covered

Cover and cook, medium heat for around 20 mins, stir occasionally