Pork Loins with Balsamic Glaze

Balsamic Glazed Pork Loins with Spinach & Cheese Pepper


I loved this dinner, the balsamic glaze turns really sweet.



Pork Loins

Mixed Salad

Baby Spinach

Whole Pepper

Green Beans



Glaze Ingredients:

Balsamic Vinegar (a few shakes)

Honey (a little squirt)

1/2 tsp oregano, basil & thyme

1tsp garlic puree (I use garlic puree for quickness, fresh garlic clove can be crushed)





Pre-heat the oven to 180.

Add all glaze ingredients to small saucepan, bring to boil then simmer until its thickened.

Sear both sides of the loins/chops in a frying pan.

Place onto oven tray and cover with the glaze (save a little bit).

Cut a pepper in half and remove seeds, stuff with a little cheese and plenty of baby spinach leaves, place on the tray.

Roast for around 10 minutes, depending how thick the pork is. I like my pepper crunchy but this can be roasted for longer.

Whilst its cooking you can prepare your salad and saute the green beans, I boiled a little bit of water in a frying pan and cooked the beans for around 3 minutes.

Add more glaze  to the pork before serving.


I served it with mixed crunchy sauteed green beans, salad leaves, baby tomatoes and baby corn. It was delish!