I am a personal trainer and group fitness instructor based in Chesterfield. 


As a personal trainer I love helping clients make long-term changes to their lifestyle so they feel happy, energetic and confident.

No fad diets, pills or supplements. 


I run local Zumba classes and Bootcamps in Chesterfield.


The gym based classes I teach are Les Mills Bodypump, Les Mills Bodyattack, Indoor Cycling, HIIT, LBT, Circuits and Bootcamps.



My Fitness Journey

I started my fitness journey in 2013 when I decided I wasn't happy with my lifestyle habits and my body shape, I was working abroad so I was eating a lot of convenience foods and social drinking quite a lot. I decided to make a change but knew I needed something to aim for to stick with the decision so I signed up for a half marathon with 8 months to train. The training was so hard to begin with but I knew I needed to carry on, it wasn't long before I started to love it. I finished the half marathon in 1 hour 59 mins and was so happy with that time.


I loved running but wanted to do more so I started to attend fitness classes, I used to attend classes years ago and thought about being an instructor when I was younger but never did anything about it. I attended a Les Mills Bodypump class and I just knew that I wanted to be the one at the front of the class. It just felt that it was the right time to try and be an instructor so I signed up for my Exercise to Music Instructor course. My mum had also just got into her fitness and was attending a Zumba Fitness class weekly, I joined her one week and fell in love with how fun the class was. So after I had passed my Exercise to Music qualification, I signed up for Bodypump and Zumba as my first workshops. 


Two years on (and lots of training later) I am a personal trainer and helping clients start their journey. I love seeing their fitness improvements week by week and hearing how amazing they feel about their progress.

The first 3 pictures are me in my 20's, l lived a really unhealthy lifestyle without even realising it.

I am now in my 30's (4th pic), I feel great from exercise and healthy eating. I am not perfect with my food and still get cravings for crap, especially if I've been out!

I've got to a point where I can enjoy "cheat meals" and junk food now and again if I fancy it. I always want to get back to the nutritious food afterwards.

Life is all about balance and I think once you reach your goals its easy to maintain the healthy lifestyle habits whilst enjoying life at the same time.

Fitness Qualifications and Workshops

Level 3 Pre & Postnatal Exercise Instructor (currently studying)

Level 3 Exercise (GP) Referral (currently studying)

Les Mills BODYATTACK AIM1 (Advanced Instructor Module)

Les Mills BODYPUMP AIM1 (Advanced Instructor Module)

Les Mills BODYATTACK Instructor
CYQ Level 3 Certificate in Person Training
Level 3 Nutrition
Suspension Training
PURE Indoor Cycling
CYQ Level 2 Gym Instructor 
Les Mills BODYPUMP Instructor
Zumba Instructor
CYQ Level 2 Certificate in Exercise to Music


Professional Membership
Public Liability Insurance
Personal PPL Cover
Enhanced CRB Check
Emergency First Aid at Work